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Several points which people should pay enough attention when they are using the portable power supply


January 28, 2014-USA-When people are using their portable battery chargers, there are several attentively points which they need to pay more attention to. Today, the sales manager from famous portable power supply manufacturer battery pack will introduce with people the content about these attentively factors.

First, the output voltage of the mobile power supply must be within the range of 5.3V ± 0.5V or it cannot charge with certain brands of smart phone or other special electrical devices such as tablet PC. This point is very crucial because the incorrect output voltage FROM the mobile power supply will easily damage the battery in the electrical device or device itself.

Secondly, people should clearly know that the transit connectors of the power supplying products must be matched with the related devices. The using principles of mobile power products are the applying with the USB cable which could be used for charging the power supply or the electrical device. One end of the USB cable will be connected with the portable power supply and another end will be connected with the digital equipment which need electrical charging so the other side of the interface connecting with the device must be consistent with the interface of digital devices otherwise people could not charge the electrical devices.

Thirdly, the applying environment for the mobile power supplying products must be handled in a dry environment. However, the precipitation, humidity and all types of liquids or moisture will corrode the electronic components and circuits into the mobile power supply. In this case, users must pay more attention to the daily anti-humidity.

In addition to the avoiding for humidity or moisture environment, the mobile power products such as custom battery packs cannot be stored at the situation exists high temperature. The high outside temperatures will largely short the service life of electronic devices, damage the inside of batteries and accelerate the aging speed of the outside plastics shell.

At the end, the sales manager from CTU battery (ww.ctu-battery.com ) want to inform with people that the portable power supply cannot bear with the brutal dropping and knocking. All of these roughly handling to the mobile power products can easily damage the internal circuit boards and precision machinery into the portable power supplying products.

In summary, consumers need to note the outputting voltage, the transit connectors, outside environment and the handling method. Well consideration for these points could help people largely extend the service life of their mobile power supply.

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