Friday, January 31, 2014

GVL 3 Creates User Guide on How To Choose The Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplement
GVL 3 has created a Garcinia Cambogia best practice guide to explain the supplement to interested parties, replete with dosage advice and recommended sellers.

Ever since TV Doctors came out in support of Garcinia Cambogia as an effective weight loss aid, this odd citrus fruit from south east Asia has captured the imagination of many in the western world, which is undergoing an obesity epidemic that not only threatens aesthetic sensibilities but health and longevity as well. However, this explosion in the market has led many companies to turn a profit churning out low quality supplements, while many users are not getting the benefits they could do through improper use. GVL 3 has created a guide to choosing the best Garcinia Cambogia supplement that includes product recommendations to solve both these problems.


The guide ( explains the source of the supplements’ efficacy, presents an overview of the clinical research that has been done, and then explains the advantages of the supplement over straight calorie deficit dieting. The guide also cautions individuals to avoid scams by trusting only recommended suppliers like The Oz Group (


Further to this, they also give information on the best use of the supplement to get the maximum benefit from every pill, and stress that these supplements cannot be used to replace diet and exercise, but it is rather a performance enhancing pill that increases the effects of these in generating weight loss. 

A spokesperson for GVL 3 explained, “Garcinia Cambogia is only effective if used properly and if the supplement in question has been purchased from a high quality provider who offers a product with a high level of the active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, which is the source of most of its beneficial effects. We recommend The Oz Group’s Garcinia Cambogia supplement because it provides everything the supplement needs to be used successfully without any of the hyperbole of more aggressively advertised products that offer a worse quality of supplement. We then explain how this can be used to lose weight effectively.”


About GVL 3: GVL3 is a product review and editorial based blog that dedicates itself to independent assessment and endorsement of top level fitness and nutritional products and supplements. The site regularly updates with new articles on the latest trends of hot new emergences. Their reviews are already trusted and relied upon by thousands of visitors every month. For more information please visit:

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