Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Efficient Home Heating Tips During Record Setting Cold

How to Efficiently Heat the Home No Matter How Cold it Is

The polar vortex and now another cold snap has brought record low temperatures and terribly frigid conditions all across the United States this year. Many individuals and homeowners were caught off guard, but the worst may not be over yet. It's time to prepare for the cold before it strikes again, and capitalize on efficient home heating to make sure that the house and the family are safe and sound, no matter what else the polar vortex brings. 

Efficient home heating can be accomplished in many ways, and most homeowners are aware at this point of the difference that the right windows can make in the home, and other similar tips in terms of keeping heat in and cold out. One tip that most homeowners don't know though is that wood heat can provide more efficiency, and a wide range of benefits, for homes of all sizes when compared to other types of heating.

In comparing efficiency in terms of cost, firewood can be obtained and utilized for approximately $16.25 per million BTUs, whereas propane would cost $27.25 per million BTUs, and electric heat costs even more than that. 

Kiln dried firewood goes one step further, providing superior efficiency than other types of wood, including seasoned wood. It gives off 35% more heat than seasoned wood, which means substantially less wood needs to be purchased and used for the same amount of heating.

Additionally, another one of the chief benefits of utilizing wood heat is that there's never any risk that the power gets cut off and then there's no more heat source. That's a huge concern with conditions like this and the snow and ice which can be created, and many homeowners are stuck going days or weeks without power, and as such, without heat.

With a wooden fireplace, hearth or heater, as long as there's firewood on hand, there's heat, so there's no risk. The fire will also create light as well, another benefit should power go out.

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Premier Firewood Company, formerly known as Oakdale Supplies, is a leading supplier of high quality, kiln dried firewood for sale. Now serving New York City, Brooklyn and Queens, Premier Firewood also proudly serves Westchester County, New York, and Fairfield County, Connecticut.  The company makes home firewood delivery while also working with commercial customers and offering cooking woods. For more information on their premium firewood products and delivery options, visit them online at PremierFirewoodCompany.com, or call them directly at 203.866.4252.

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