Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Internet Marketers Discuss the Importance of Effective Email Marketing

Email is either the scourge of the age or the saving grace of mankind, depending upon your viewpoint. It does serve to keep people connected, but it also opens doors for terrible spam, which wastes everybody's time and effort. With WordPress plugin WP Traffic Max one can create varieties of email optin boxes.

Email marketing is surprisingly effective because if you send enough of them, some will return with results. It is inevitable that the law of large numbers will prevail, and if luck is with you, some of the people will respond to your emails. Plugin WP Traffic Max allow users to create light pop-ups to inform visitors of email subscription promotion.

Lists can be purchased that direct your emails toward certain groups, which narrows the playing field a bit, but only a bit. People who were once interested in your product niche, will forget about it tomorrow, and you will be back to square one. Creating Email optin pop-ups with WP Traffic Max is not as difficult as it seems.

However, email also give the efficient and sturdy marketer the opportunity to send repeated emails, called "dripping" on a prospective customer, with successive emails about a specific product or area of interest.

The "drips" or succession of emails, will tend to wear down a person psychologically, and soften them up, so to speak. The more often a person receives an email, somehow, it becomes friendlier and friendlier, until it gets so friendly, the prospective customer buys the product.

That scenario is not as far fetched as it initially sounds, because people do actually look forward to interesting emails and it is surprising how quickly some people can warm up to a series of emails that are informative and friendly.

Marketing is the process of offering solutions to problems that people have, or perceive that they have. If it is skillfully and intelligently done, it can be very effective. Email can be short and sweet, but intriguing and hard hitting, to the point that people pay attention. If people see enough via positive emails, it can persuade them to move forward and purchase your product.

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