Monday, December 30, 2013

The experienced artists from Xiamen CJ Art will introduce with people the classification of canvas prints

December 30, 2013 - Xiamen - The printing oil painting is not the single concept but the synthesized products series. The sorts of canvas printing could be divided into many different kinds by the quality and techniques that used in the printing and producing process. As oil painting lovers’ knowing for this knowledge is very crucial for their future purchasing for related products, the artists from website which is China leading online supplier for canvas prints will teach with people the types of the printing oil paintings.

The first type should be the common one which applies the conventional color gamut and uses 4 to 6 colors printing and the post-brushwork production. The product advantages could be concluded into that it could be suitable for high-volume printing, fine imaging effect, strong texture effects, excellent brushwork effect. The disadvantages of this product are the dull colors. This type of cheap canvas prints should be the most widely selling one.

The second is used for collection and the quality and standard of this type oil painting canvas prints prints are very high. It could be produced by expanding color gamut, 4 colors or more printing process and brushwork production. The advantages are full-screen production and suitable for large-volume printing. These printing products could reach the world standard of collections. Color gamut of this kind of printing oil painting is broader than the ordinary type and its color become more vivid and saturated, reaching Giclee standards. People also call this kind of printing products the giclee printing. Disadvantages could be concluded into that the degree of detail and texture effects of products has slightly declining. There are only few manufacturers in China have already totally grasped this printing technology and the is one of it.

The third type of printing oil painting is the replicating type. The production of this type of canvas prints apply the comprehensive using of various technologies and practices and comprehensive post-brushwork treatment, which could let the finished products reach to the same effect with the original masterpieces. This kind of products should be suitable for small batch, limited replication, signature replication and other aspects of products producing.

According to above information, people could get fully understanding about the basically classification of the printing oil paints. However, the purchasing activity should have clearly purpose so that you could really buy the commodity you want. This principle could be also applied into the canvas printing. So, you could read this article carefully before you purchase the oil painting prints. If you prepare enough to buy the prints you want, please visit website

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