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John Pagan Announces the Release of His Gripping New Novel – “11:11 Phenomenon”

A Phenomenon Revealed

Accomplished Science fiction and paranormal author John Pagan is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of his exciting new novel, “11:11 Phenomenon.”  The book, a collection of 4 short stories reminiscent of “The Twilight Zone” and “Outer Limits,” explores the strange and compelling re-occurrences of the numbers 11:11 and what they mean to the lives of the characters in each story.

The numbers 11:11 are seen by many as more than mere coincidence.  To some, they represent a positive time prompt and by others as a negative foreboding.  The consistent and frequent appearance of these numbers would seem to defy simple chance.  The new novel focuses on this from four different angles and creates a series of compelling narratives that may challenge your perceptions and will certainly hold you in their grip.

“Yes, there are many explanations which may or may not explain away this phenomenon. Yet one thing remains, it continues to occur,” Quotes John Pagan in the preface of 11:11 Phenomenon.

The Stories:

The first of the stories, “The Awakening” introduces the reader to Raymond Flaxman, a military hero and 911 rescuer who seems to fear nothing except the number 11:11.  When a mysterious woman in white appears, his phobia will lead him to a life-altering revelation.

In “Destiny”, an inner city prostitute, born on November 11 at 11:11 pm must face the significance of her birthdate.  Her mother, who always believed it meant something, secretly leaves Destiny Mitchell a life-insurance inheritance which her abusive step father pimp wants to take for himself.  Her mysterious 11:11 association leaves Destiny tottering on a miraculous new life or sudden demise.

“Black,” the third story, focuses on a group of paranormal investigators researching The Trail of Tears deaths that occurred in the early 19th century.  When they are viciously attacked, team leader Dean Gallo suspects a hoax because of the rumors of an $11 million in Cherokee gold.  However, the rest of his team fears that something far more evil is at work.

In the final story, “11:11” Donic, a schizophrenic private investigator begins to realize that the frequent 11:11 coincidences and the whispered voices he hears at 11:11 pm may not be the products of his own mind.  He becomes entangled in a secret political world and is shown a glimpse of his own future and how he will effect the entire country.

About John Pagan

“I was raised a cradle Catholic,” Says Mr. Pagan, “I am Not a practitioner of any kind of negative occultism. Although the Fury in the Garden books deal with the paranormal, the subject matter is presented with more of a scientific approach rather than a supernatural perspective.”

Working as a CNA, physical rehab aide and occupational aide for more than fifteen years, Mr. Pagan also sketched family portraits to supplement his income. During that time, he was working on 11 short stories in his notebook at every possible opportunity. John was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (Alpha Iota Phi Chapter) in 1994.  In 1985, John enlisted in the U.S. Army where he received the "Commander's Award for Physical Fitness" while studying in his medical "MOS" training. His study of martial arts before entering the service helped him achieve this award as well.

For more information about John Pagan and his other works, which include “Fury in the Garden” 2003, “Fury in the Garden Dream Version” – 2010 and the article Poltergeist: Human-Electromagnetic Fear featured in the February 2011 issue of Phenomena magazine among others, please visit his website at:


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