Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Prime Time to Drink Water for Weight Loss


For everyone, water is the source of life and it is good for health. Especially for those who’re losing weight with zi xiu tang, water is the best beverage, as it contains no calories while brings satiety. However, drinking water all the time won’t help you lose weight. What’s worse, it may damage your health. So what’s the prime time to drink if you want to lose weight?

1.  Drinking a cup of warm honey water in the morning.

After getting up and before breakfast, drinking a glass of warm honey water will promote gastrointestinal motility and help you excrete all toxins out. In this way, your goal for weight loss can be easily achieved if you take some   zi xiu tang bee pollen as well.

2.  Drinking water before lunch

Just like zi xiu tang weight loss, drinking water before lunch has many benefits. First of all, it can supplement water that your body needs and speed up the metabolism. Then, it can fill your empty stomach and make you eat less.

 3.  Replacing snacks with scented tea in the afternoon.

You may feel hungry easily in the afternoon. Thus you’d better put a packet of scented tea on the desk to replace all the snacks like potato chips, cookies, soft drinks. In this way, not only can you lose weight, the nutrients like vitamins contained in the scented tea will also beautify your skin.

 4.  Drinking water instead of wine at dinner.

For many people, dinner out and drinking alcohol become more and more common. But you may don’t know that beer and liquor will increase the content of boy cortisone (a hormone that brings fat to the abdomen) and make your belly big. Therefore, the best choice for dinner is to drink water instead of wine. If inevitable, you can drink red wine or take bee pollen diet pills instead.


Don’t drink too much water continuously in a short period of time, as it will thin your blood under osmosis and then decrease the concentration of oxygen and nutrients in blood. To meet the body’s energy supply, the heart has to work intensely and thus the cardiac load will certainly increase. In the long run, this habit will be harmful to health, especially for patients with anemia.

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