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The new type football playing game bubble football become more and more popular worldwide

July 21, 2014 - Hong kong - If you think the traditional football game will not have any changing in the future as the rule of this game is already complete, we could say that you are not fully correct. Recently, one of the new football game type which name is Bubble football become more and more popular among these America and Europe countries. This new football game can be said that perfect combination of ordinary football game and people’s body rolling. Today, the editor from professional bubble soccer online supplier Fuegofield Inflatable Inc will introduce with people the creation and development of this new football game type.

The Bubble Soccer has been first created by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. These two weird Norwegians feel that the football game playing will become more interesting if these players have been wrapped in transparent plastic ball. The first bubble football game was held at the end of 2011 in Norwegian TV show which name had been called golden goal. At that time, this game playing was just as a small episode but after the releasing at YouTube website, this game has spread across Europe regions. In the following years, everywhere from Italy to Latvia has held the bubble football game. The famous bubble football online seller Fuegofield Inflatable Inc has been established by this trend.

During today’s ordinary football match, the score getting is not a easy job for these professional football players. However, in the playing process of the bubble football, each player also has to wear plastic space ball on their entire upper body. It seems that the score getting is almost impossible in this kind of football match. In the bubble device, player’s hands are tied to a fixed location so it will be very difficult for them to grasp the full balance. However, this situation makes foam football become so interesting.

In the playing process of the bubble football, opponents will suddenly rushing to the ball and hit the man out. However, because of the enough protection measurement the players will not be so prone to get injury ( Overall speaking, the bubble soccer game is difficult to describe by several words but fortunately the famous bubble football online seller Fuegofield Inflatable Inc has many related contents such as video and text description about this new type football game. If people have such interesting about this play game, please do not hesitate to get contact with this famous online seller.

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