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The high quality CNC machine has very unique advantages than the traditional machine

July 24, 2014 - China - As the introduction of famous CNC Machined Parts supplier Runsom Precision Co., Ltd, the CNC machining process owns many advantages than the traditional workmanship. CNC machine could better solve many complex problems in the making process of these industrial parts. This making method could be regarded as the flexible, high-performance automation working method. Today, this article from the official blog of Runsom Precision Co., Ltd will let each people know these advantages.

The first advantages of the CNC machining should be the high precision working process. The working accuracy of the CNC machining for China Machining Parts could be generally up to 0.05 to 0.1MM. The CNC machine could be controlled by the digital signal. When the numerical control device output a pulse signal, the machine moving parts will moving a pulse equivalent which is usually 0.001MM. At the same time, the average error of the and backlash of machine tool and screw pitch will be compensated by the accuracy controlling of software, therefore, the CNC machining tool has relatively high positioning accuracy.   

Second, the CNC machining processing has very stable and reliable quality. People will work with a group of parts in the same machine at the same processing conditions, using the same tools and machining process. So, the CNC machining parts will has very high consistence.

The CNC machining parts has very high flexibility depending on the accuracy processing procedures which is different from ordinary machining method. By the application of the CNC machine, people do not need to manufacture and replace many molds or constantly re-adjust the machine. This advantage could help to greatly increase the working efficiency of the workshop in the factory.

Fourth, the CNC machine also has very huge production volume. As the introduction of engineer from Runsom Precision Co., Ltd, the CNC machine tools can effectively reduce the processing time and the auxiliary time for these industrial parts. The CNC machine tool has very large spindle velocity and feed rate range, allowing a large volume of high force cutting ( Nowadays, the CNC machine tools are entering into the era of high-speed machining. The fast moving of CNC machine and fast positioning could greatly improve the productivity of the working process. The traditional machine could not beyond the CNC machine.

In summary, compared to the conventional machine tools, CNC machine tools own all of these advantages above. After carefully reading for this article, the engineer believes each reader could have newly updated knowledge of CNC machine in the industrial areas.

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