Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Magic Submitter Review Exposes The Truth About The Software

This is a indepth Magic Submitter review because picking out a Search Engine Optimization software program can be very overwhelming. You can find a great deal of them around the internet and are quite varying in costs and all of them promise they're able to do the most ideal job for your needs. This is why we've created this review of Magic Submitter to see whether or not it can provide the value it promises and if it can stand the turbulent Google updates.

Magic Submitter has been around for as years before even the first google updates. It has stood the time of the updates in the past years so it is likely to continue to stand the next as Alexander Krulik constantly updates the software. As soon as you download it you will see magic submitter has a list of sites already to be submitted to, you don't need to scrape for other sites as other SEO software requires you to do.

However you can upload a list of sites of your own if you scrape them. Alexander does try to upload new sites as he updates the software.Magic submitter will register for new email accounts and validate your email verifications so you don’t have to.

Magic submitter will require you to set up profiles, each profile represents a person with a home address and phone number magic submitter provide you with that.Setting up a profile can take up 10 to 20 minutes. It is advised by John Upjohn that you set up atleast 5 profiles per niche. Greg Morrison from OMG Machines recommends setting up a minimum of 10 profiles per niche. Magic submitter will work best with proxies,captcha breaking software and some content writing software.

Magic Submitter isn't a tool you will download and straight away go in and know what you are doing. Magic submitter will require you to learn how to use it spend atleast 1-2 days just watching the video tutorials on youtube or the ones magic submitter supply. The new Google updates aim to eradicate websites that have backlinks from spammy sites luckily magic submitter as a vast amount of quality sites such as weebly,tumblr and youtube. Magic submitter can create a profile on those sites and link it back to your website which Google seem to be loving. To go get the large discount for the first month go to this website.

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