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iDateAsia Makes It Easier For Western Men To Date Ladies From Southeast Asian Countries #1 International Dating Site - Find Love In Asia
With constant improvement and the use of cutting-edge technology, makes it easier for gentlemen to meet and date ladies from Southeast Asia. is a highly-ranked international dating platform, allowing members to find their perfect matches with ladies from Southeast Asia. Currently there are millions female and male members on the site searching for their companionship.The site provides male and female members with one-stop dating services, assisting them with communicating and exchanging messages with each other.

As a reliable international dating site, iDateAsia continuously takes advantage of the most advanced technology, refines its existing services and develops new correspondence tools for men and women. This is because they believe that keeping up-to-date with technology is of high importance in today’s society as the use of technology in communication is becoming the most used means of communication, especially between those who live oceans apart. Members don’t only want online communication tools; they want reality and honesty – communicating online as if they are communicating face-to-face, and knowing that the ladies are genuine.

beautiful ladies from Southeast Asia on iDateAsia

Live Chat, one of iDateAsia’s most used services, is a great example of their services which has undergone several phases of refinements. Live Chat, an instant messaging service which enables men to chat with your ladies in real-time, started off as a simple instant messaging service in text. Members could only type to each other. Then iDateAsia realised that communicating by text wasn’t enough, and therefore gradually added more features, including Virtual Gifts, Animated Emoticons (emoticons which move), online games and Voice Messaging. Now Live Chat is a much more interactive service – members can play games with each other, send each other voice messages etc. And this has helped members deepen their feeling for each other even more. The Love Call service (phone call service with translation services, if required) has likewise undergone some changes. When it was first released, only male members could female members, but now it works both ways.

Apart from its services, iDateAsia’s anti-scam measures are also extremely high on their list of priorities. iDateAsia is known for its rigorous selection procedures of lady members, whose profiles can only be posted on their site after certain criteria are met. Lady members are selected by iDateAsia’s cooperative agencies, who must also comply with their strict rules and regulations. This is to minimise any fraudulent activity regarding fake profiles posted by ladies or the agencies themselves.

iDateAsia also constantly updates its anti-scam measures. Recently, they have introduced a new measure, by which all lady members must record an unedited video of themselves holding up their IDs and a piece of paper stating their member IDs, and giving an oral statement. The measure is to strengthen its anti-scam project and further ensure all ladies are real. The site aims to be the first-class international dating platform for all gentlemen members to meet Southeast Ladies for love and romance.

About is a premium international dating website assisting male members to find companionship and partner with gorgeous and beautiful women from Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. It is a safe and secure platform for global gentlemen to meet beautiful single women for serious romance. It has developed all-inclusive solutions for members’ dating to marriage with main services like EMF Mail, Love Call, Video Show, Live Chat, Gifts & Flowers, Cupid Date and so on. iDateAsia aims to better members’ dating experience and provides high quality and standards service. In addition, members can get its Qpid Network Mobile App to keep in touch with their dating partner on the go.

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