Wednesday, July 23, 2014

eBay Has Claimed That Google SEO Changes Have Hurt Revenue

Even though eBay announced that their second quarter earnings actually bested the expectations of analysts' projections. Revenue, did fall short of the projections. $.69 per share was earned, as opposed to the projection of $.68. Revenue, however was $4.37 billion as opposed to the projected revenue of $4.38 billion. Now with the emergence of Sales Automation Engine V2.0 one can create automated sales funnel.

It has been pointed out, however, that during that quarter eBay suffered a major security breach and was required to redesign a global reset of their password. The company also is facing serious competition form Amazon, Google, and lots of other smaller players in the marketplace. Regardless of different traffic source Sales Automation Engine V2.0 can boost ones business by incorporating automated sales funnel.

At first it was thought that eBay was a victim of Panda, Google's algorithm that was created to weed out low quality content. However, it was discovered that eBay was hit by a manual penalty, where a human at Google made the decision that someone at eBay was using spam to an excessive degree. To make a long story short, the Google penalty may end up costing eBay up to $200 million in revenue. WordPress plugin Sales Automation Engine V2.0 can be integrated with any WordPress theme.

If you stop and think about it, it doesn't really seem quite fair that a competitor of eBay would be responsible for eBay suffering a loss that big. Was it just a coincidence that a Google employee decided to lay that fine on eBay, or was it done purposely. That is just one of those things that eBay will probably just have to live with.

eBay still has a unique position in the marketplace, yet there are other sites that are giving it stiff competition, such as Amazon and Google. Even with the intervention of Google's penalty, however, it only put a dent in eBay's deliverance of its product.

Could this be a wake-up call of the potential dissonance of the muddle of Internet competition, as everyone basically has to go through Google in some manner, in order to be a player on the Internet?

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