Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CodeFutures’ Cory Isaacson Releases New Book: ‘Understanding Big Data Scalability’

Isaacson's second book focuses on applying agile data scalability to modern database management systems.

BOULDER, Colo., July 22, 2014. CodeFutures (www.codefutures.com), a provider of agile Big Data technologies, today announced the release of Cory Isaacson’s newest book, “Understanding Big Data Scalability.” Isaacson is the CEO/CTO for CodeFutures and an industry-leading innovator of data management software. “Understanding Big Data Scalability” focuses on how to apply Big Data scalability to common applications with the wide selection of database management system engines available today.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity to introduce a whole new perspective to Big Data,” Isaacson said. “’Understanding Big Data Scalability’ is the next step in how we approach data management moving forward. As the sheer amount of data continues to grow exponentially in today’s applications, taking an agile, scalable approach to the data tier is a step that simply must be taken.”

Big Data management is a challenge that will only continue to become more important. But rather than taking a traditional approach to data management and modeling, Isaacson decided to look at the problem from a different angle, resulting in AgilData, a new Big Data platform designed to remove the complexity and limitations of current databases by leveraging high performance stream processing anddynamic, real-time views. Now, on the heels of this game-changing innovation, “Understanding Big Data Scalability” offers a fresh lookat how big data management is changing and how to adapt to those changes. This book, the first in a series, provides the fundamentals of today’s Big Data scalability solutions. This foundation is vital for application and database architects, empowering them to cut through marketing hype and truly understand how to best conquer their own Big Data challenges.

“Understanding Big Data Scalability” is available as an eBook, published by Prentice Hall. Isaacson previously authored “Software Pipelines and SOA: Releasing the Power of Multi-Core Processing,” which was also released as an eBook in 2009.

Independent Testimonials

“This book is useful to anyone who works with data and wants to learn more about scaling. Cory helps you understand what causes databases to slow down as data volumes grow over time. He then reviews a number of strategies that you have at your disposal to manage the growth, ranging from software and database tuning, hardware upgrades, read-replication, and ultimately horizontal partitioning of data.” -- Dan Lynn, cofounder of FullContact

“Understanding Big Data Scalability presents the fundamentals of scaling databases from a single node to large clusters. It provides a practical explanation of what Big Data systems are, and the fundamental issues to consider when optimizing for performance and scalability. Cory draws on his many years of database experience to explain the issues involved in working with data sets that can no longer be handled with single monolithic relational databases.” -- Brian O’Krafka, software architect

“Software is like magic, or so many people think. In practice, many fundamental principles of computation are constrained by immutable principles derived from the laws of physics (think transistors). Cory does a great job justifying the inescapable need for distributed systems, while also acknowledging their fundamental pitfalls. Good read for those who are trying to understand databases from first principles, rather than by analogy.” -- Ivan Bercovich, senior director of engineering, FindTheBest.com

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About CodeFutures

CodeFutures is a Boulder, Colo.-based provider of agile data and streaming database technologies. Its database products are used by leading enterprises, including FedEx, HSBC, T-Mobile, Lehman Brothers, General Electric, JP Morgan Chase, Walt Disney, Wells Fargo Bank, Kraft Foods, Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, ABN AMRO Bank, Verizon, Compass Bank, Siemens and United Airlines. It is developing the first agile data platform that provides instant, easy access to meaningful data as a means of driving the real-time enterprise. CodeFutures enables new levels of dynamic modeling, streaming data processing, predictive analytics and the ability to scale as fast as data volumes increase. For more information, please visit (www.codefutures.com).

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