Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Provides Custom Built Cremation Urns and Beautiful Handcrafted Wood Cremation Urns
High quality cremation urns to fair prices

For more than 25 years, Ray Vines is offering high quality handcrafted wood cremation urns to fair prices.

History of Cremation

Cremation is older than the burial ceremony. Scholars agree that the first cremations have taken place around 3000 BC, most in Europe and the Middle East. In many ancient cultures the cremation was part of the religion funeral. Cremation was done to prevent a recurrence of death. From about 2500-1000 BC cremation expanded to the British Isles and into what is now Spain and Portugal.

Only the Egyptians held strictly to the mummification process. Their rejection of cremation is explained by its peculiar conception of the fire, which they believed to be an animal and in their religion it was forbidden to feed animals with dead human bodies.

Around 1000 BC, cremation became an integral part of Greek funerary culture. The Romans adopted this Greek custom of cremation. During the Roman period from 27 BC to 395 AD, the cremation was practiced. The ashes were kept in artfully worked urns. It is known that the greatest heroes of the Romans as Pompey, Caesar and Augustus were cremated.

In today's society, there are more and more cremations and the urns have become increasingly individualized.

Ray Vines is a true artist when it comes to beautiful handcrafted wood cremation urns. For more than 25 years, Ray Vines Company Arizona Urns ( has taken pride in offering top quality urns using only the highest-quality hard woods available.

All wood cremation urns are handmade and custom built with attention to detail. only uses the finest grades of exotic or domestic hardwoods and not cheap stained woods.

Ray Vines allows customers to build and order their own cremation urn and there is no extra charge for custom made cremation urns.

Every urn created by is thoroughly inspected before it is sold and customers will not find better prices for these high quality cremation urns.

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