Friday, May 30, 2014

TickleTrain Email Reminder And Follow-up Service Releases New YouTube Video

TickleTrain has announced the release of an animated video that illustrates how the popular drip marketing service can help business and marketing professionals follow-up on emails.

TickleTrain’s new video features an animated business man named Mike who sees the consequences of not following up on emails. The video can be viewed at

The new TickleTrain video drives home the importance of “drip marketing,” a communication tool for business professionals that involves sending strategic, pre-written messages, AKA "drips," to current and future customers. In the video, Mike uses TickleTrain to follow up on an email, an overdue invoice, and a quote to a potential customer.

TickleTrain’s drip marketing service puts email reminders on autopilot for users, boosting productivity and increasing sales. Through the service, any type of business or organization can send personalized follow-up emails automatically, from any email program and requires no software installation.

“We created this animation video to quickly explain the applications and benefits of using TickleTrain for your business,” said Jason Dickman, co-founder of TickleTrain. “So far customers have loved the ease of use and productivity gained by using our service. This video demonstrates that.”

TickleTrain works with all email clients and can work with many custom applications as well.

Clients include Gmail, YahooMail, AppleMail, Outlook, Android, Thunderbird and more. If the email application has a BCC field, it works with TickleTrain.

Learn more about TickleTrain at Follow TickleTrain on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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